Miami Cooler Warehouse Update

Miami warehouses with coolers are in hot demand. With over 90% of all flowers and 70% of all perishables coming into the United States and making their way through Miami, more and more companies are seeking Miami warehouses with refrigeration.

Despite all the Miami warehouse space absorbed during 2014, very few deals were done where refrigeration was involved; although the demand for cooler space is high, very few companies can afford or desire to make the investment to install coolers in a warehouse. Most companies would rather wait and hope they are able to obtain the next cooler space that comes on the market.

In regards to cooler warehouses, only 5 sizeable deals were completed last year, and ComReal Miami’s Industrial Team was involved in 4 of the 5 transactions. ComReal Miami’s Industrial Team has built relationships with those involved in the perishable industry and those relationships have led to the many successful transactions over the last few years.

With the percentages mentioned in the first paragraph, as the population in the U.S. continues to grow, more people will need to eat - and with the cost of farming overseas being often cheaper, imports are likely to increase through the Miami hub. Going forward, this will continue to result in an increased demand for cooler warehouses. 

If you would like more information about cooler warehouses in Miami, contact the Miami Industrial Team.