Date: 3Q 2013
Address: 10200 NW 110 Ave
City: Medley
Sq. Ft: 51,135

Price Per Sq. Ft: Mid - $8's
Year Built: 2013
Tenant: Total Cargo Services
Landlord: Flagler Development Group

Transaction Details: Total Cargo Services recently leased a 51,135 sq. ft. warehouse in the brand new Building #31 at Flagler Station, in Medley, FL.  This is Flagler’s newest building in NW Miami-Dade. This deal was for 5.5 years.  It is likely that the 5 extra months were given as free rent.  The 5 year average rate was just under $9.00 per sq. ft. Year 1 rental rate was likely closer to $8.50 sq. ft. and ending in year 5 with a rental rate in the mid to upper $9′s per sq. ft.