3785 NW 79th Avenue - Doral, FL

Date: January 2013
Address: 3785 NW 79 Avenue
City: Doral
Sq. Ft: 36,208
Price: $3,200,000

Price Per Sq. Ft: $88
Year Built: 1975
Buyer: TransExpress Inc.
Seller: Alcorense USA Inc.

Transaction Details: Alcorenese USA is a manufacturer and retailer of ceramic tiles.  They sold the Doral warehouse in January of this year, 2013. They sold it to the neighbor, TransExpress.  TransExpress is an international logistics company and has been in business for over 30 years.

TransExpress’ new Doral warehouse is +/-36,200 sq. ft., with 24′ ceilings, zoned IU-2, contains only 3  dock high loading positions but a large office component of +/-8,860 sq. ft.